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Newport Community Service/Knight Valor

Knight Valor is a Newport High School PTSA program recognizing students who have completed 140 or more hours of community service, including the Bellevue School District graduation requirement of 40 hours.

PTSA follows the same guidelines as the Bellevue School District regarding acceptable community service hours. Community service is any service that is done for a non-profit organization and/or religious organizations. School service is also accepted. For activities that occur over more than one day, a maximum of 10 hours/day is allowed. When submitting more than 20 hours over a range of time, please attach a volunteer log of your service (summer day/overnight camp service excluded). You may start tracking your hours AFTER you complete 8th grade.

Community Service Form
ALL community service hours are reported using the same Bellevue School District form. Completed forms should be turned in to the Newport Counseling Center as the service is completed. Please do not stockpile forms until all the hours have been earned. Be sure your form is signed by your work supervisor and your service is for a non-profit. Service for a school or government is also accepted.Keep a copy of all forms at home.

Bellevue School District Community Service form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can volunteer?
We see a lot of student volunteer service at: Bellevue ArtsFair, BSD (Operation Exploration or summer school); City of Bellevue Parks & Rec summer programs; Eastside Baby Corner; Eastside Heritage Center Strawberry Festival; food banks; Hopelink; Kelsey Creek Park/Farm; Kids Quest Children's Museum; King County Library System; Mountains to Sound Greenway; Northwest Harvest; elementary school events (carnivals, fairs, Math Olympiad, etc), back-to-school days; Newport HS Ski Swap & Vacation Bible Schools.

How do I know if I’m volunteering for a Non-Profit?
Check your agency's non-profit status: using this state website.
You can also email us anytime with questions.

Anything for sure NOT accepted?
In addition to not accepting volunteer hours at for-profit businesses, Newport High School and PTSA is NOT accepting any hours relating to Ski Schools or The Competitor Group/Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon. Volunteer service for the Rock & Roll Marathon MUST be provided through the American Cancer Society.

Why do I need a Volunteer Log?
Although not required, a volunteer log is helpful if you’re submitting more than 20 hours over a range of time. It helps provide a better appreciation for you and your commitment to the organization. MANY organizations keep a record of volunteer hours and you may be able to get a copy of their record or your sign-in sheet. If not, just track the date you volunteered, what you did and length of time on that day. It doesn’t need to be fancy.

When are Knight Valor hours due?
All hours are due on May 1st to earn Knight Valor for the current school year. Hours turned after May 1st will count for the following school year.

How often can you earn Knight Valor?
Only once. However, you may continue submitting volunteer hours and we will keep your service record updated in our database. You may request a copy of your volunteer record anytime and it may be particularly helpful when you apply for college and/or scholarships.

Is there a way to check how many total hours I have on record?
Use the HOURS LOOKUP below to check your total. Email us if you need a copy of the detail.

I checked my hours on-line. Why is the total more than what I’ve submitted?
If you help with Newport High School related activities like Back-to-School Day, Curriculum Night, Ski Swap, Pep Band, Key Club service and various summer sports camps or clinics, etc., then your hours are submitted on a “Group List” and you do not need to complete a BSD Community Service form. In some cases, you will have needed to sign in AND out in order to receive credit for your service.

Can I submit the same hours for BSD or Knight Valor that I use for National Honor Society?
No. National Honor Society By-laws state that National Honor Society volunteer hours may not be used for any other purpose.

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